I’m in a chair all day at work and wasn’t getting the exercise I needed to stay healthy.  Shari created a fitness program for me that was creative and fun but challenging.  I am feeling stronger and healthier every day.  The personal training sessions are very affordable and the facility includes a great variety of equipment and flexible times.  I’m so glad I joined.– Cindy J.
Shari is an excellent trainer.  Shari is positive, efficient and a great motivator.  She is the perfect combination of mean and caring.  Shari has faith in my ability and pushes me harder than I would push myself.  Shari works with the whole person–mentally, emotionally and physically.  She listens and understands what I want.  Shari keeps my workouts interesting by continually adding new exercises to my workout routine.  I would highly recommend Shari as a personal trainer.– Heidi L.
The following is my story regarding how much I have learned and benefitted from our new relationship: When I came to visit you for the first time, I was overweight, out of shape and I had a terrible diet.  I needed someone to help me change my ways.  My goal was to find someone who could help me in these areas.  I needed someone who was willing to listen, would push me hard, and who would give me a reason to come back.  Since I travel a lot, I needed someone who could give me ideas of how to keep my program working for me even when I was gone from class/workouts.  I also knew it was very important to be able to “connect” with whoever I chose. Well, after interviewing several personal trainers and looking at gyms, I found you, my dear Shari!  You have the sweetest smile.  You are very knowledgeable regarding nutrition, workout regimes and body physiology.  You make every workout fun, different and challenging.  You have a way of inspiring me to always work a little harder. It is almost May and I have lost almost all of my bad fat and have gained muscle tone and stamina.  I am eating totally different than I used to eat and my general disposition is very positive. I am so thankful for your eating tips, the protein supplements and workouts. To be honest, I am really good at quitting things that are hard.  I like to do things that are easy.  I have found that is is always easier to revert back to my old ways, because truthfully, they weren’t that bad.  I have always gotten by.   You, though, have made me realize that in order to reach my goals, I have to change my ways and if I want to continue to get stronger and be able to fit into those jeans from long ago, the harder I work the sooner I will reach my goals. I am so grateful for your guidance, your support and your friendship.  I would like to strongly recommend your training to anyone wishing to make a change in their life.  It has worked for me.– Gail L.
I’ve know Shari for almost 13 years and she has always been into fitness and healthy eating.  I’ve trained with her a few times and the workouts were great.  She’s nice and motivational and just plain nice to be around.  She does a great job with all the healthy things she does in her life and others.  Thanks for being a good motivator and friend Shari.– Toni B.
In June of 2012 I turned 50 and realized that I could no longer work such a stressful job– the frequency of migraine headaches was increasing, my BP and cholesterol were rising and so was my weight. I needed to make a change for my health and well-being. My daughter found Shari for me. I really did not know how to exercise or how to start. I did not want to go to a big gym. I called Shari and set up a time to meet, get measured, and sign up for a few personal training sessions. After 2 personal training sessions I felt comfortable to join her class, I have been attending class ever since.  My daughter also attends with me when she comes home from college. The gym is small and reasonably priced. However, I knew I needed an “appointment” to get myself to exercise. The scheduled class gets me there. The class is small enough so it is noticeable if I am not there. Shari’s positive attitude and smile makes me want to attend. In 6 months time by exercising 2-3 times per week, paying a little more attention to what I eat, and changing my job from full time to part time, I have lost 13 pounds! Shari has made a significant impact on my health.– Paula M.
I am a “young” woman in her 50’s, that has had both hips replaced.  I have been going to the Life’s 5 Gym for over a year now and have lost 20 lbs.  I have been attending the Power Conditioning Class on M,W,F mornings pretty consistently, with a few misses here and there.  Shari has helped me keep all of my muscles strong by continually switching up the routine and also modifies the exercises to my skill level, if needed. The atmosphere at Life’s 5 Gym is one of happiness and lots of encouragement.  There is just the right amount of instruction and challenge without getting too pushy!!  We have a lot of fun while working out! I consider Shari a friend, who I love and appreciate!– Melia
Shari, thank you so much for this class. I need this now more than ever it seems! And you are such an inspiration and motivation to me.  It is truly a gift. I LOVE that place.– Rachael