STRENGTH Fitness & WellnessAdvoCare was built on founder Charlie Ragus’ vision that people can improve their lives through superior nutrition and fitness.

The AdvoCare approach to nutrition, lifestyle and wellness, along with the opportunity to be debt free, creates a unique formula for providing families with solutions.  By scientifically tapping into the profound knowledge of its internationally-recognized experts on the scientific and Medical Advisory Board and its Home Office, we have created products that:

  • Are produced to the highest quality standards in the industry.
  • Use ingredients that are present in effective amounts and work synergistically for superior results.
  • Reflect the latest scientific knowledge.

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5 Reasons Our Products Are Different:

  1. Guided by our prestigious Scientific & Medical Advisory Board
  2. Balanced nutritional solutions for complex bodies
  3. High-quality ingredients
  4. Nutrients that are easy to absorb
  5. Extensive research

STRENGTH Fitness & WellnessI believe in Advocare, because I believe in:

1. High Quality Nutritional Products for myself, my children and my clients and friends.

2. Values & Principles in Life & Business.

3. Commitment to a plan that creates balance, growth and success in my Faith, Family, Health and Finances.


Click HERE to access my Advocare products!